wide road fieldThe Township of Pelee is made up of nine islands in Lake Erie and is the most southern point in Canada. Pelee Island is the largest of the islands and is situated at the Canada/USA boundary between Sandusky, Ohio and Windsor/Essex County, Ontario.Pelee is a serenely beautiful area with miles of lovely beaches, natural areas that are unsurpassed.

Municipal Employees

Katrina DiGiovanni

Phone: 519-724-2931


Michelle Feltz

Phone: (519) 724-2931


Paul Feltz

Nick Goulden

Kyle Davis

Vanessa Taylor

Phone: (519) 724-2200

Charlene Malloch


Chris Collins

Phone: (519) 326-5761

Wray Ramsay


Shawn Hamill
Insp. Glenn Miller

Township Council

Rick Masse
David DeLellis
Dayne Malloch
Darlene Wiper
Aurella Moritz