Getting to Pelee Island

Photo By Ethan Meleg

“After an hour of voyaging, Pelee Island came into view as though our fancy had created it.”
~ Raymond Knister’s visit to Pelee Island in the late summer of 1928, from Saturday Night Magazine, March 5, 1932

Pelee Island’s outstanding attraction is its degree of removal from the main thoroughfares of southern Ontario and the adjoining states. The journey to the Island is a time for conversation and for meeting others. The hour and a half trip also allows for a gradual leaving and a sense of arrival as the Island comes into view.

You can make your way to Pelee Island by Ferry, Personal watercraft, or Airplane.

Please contact us if you require any additional information.

Some establishments and activities on Pelee Island are seasonal. To avoid disappointment, please contact establishments that you would like to visit before May or after October. You may also call the Township of Pelee Municipal Office at 519-724-2931. It is important to us that you have a wonderful visit to Pelee Island.