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Pelee Island is a place that is rich in natural beauty, history and tradition. Over the years this community welcomed immigrants from around the world, and today Pelee continues to embrace visitors who come and discover a kinship with the people and the place, a getaway in the middle of a busy world.

Originally settled by natives, Europeans began to arrive on Pelee Island in the mid-1800’s, searching for new lands and experiences. Some of the earliest of these explorers left their mark on Pelee Island, and the story of Hulda’s Rock gives us an early glimpse into Pelee Island’s own ‘Pocahontas’ story. Click here to read the story behind Hulda’s rock.

Photo by Justin Tiessen

Descendants of some of the earliest European settlers still live on the Island today, and as you bike around the Island, you’ll notice that many of the last names on the mailboxes are the same as those on some of the earliest tombstones in the cemetery, located at Sheridan Point. Some families boast having lived on Pelee for nine generations. Similarly, as you tour around the Island a significant percentage of the natural surroundings that greeted the first settlers can yet be enjoyed. While changes and technology have come to the Island, a large and healthy remnant of our natural heritage still thrives.

Community on Pelee Island is fed by the clearly demarcated boundaries of an island and by what inhabitants have in common. Islanders all live close to Nature’s sights and smells. We all share the need to be flexible next to the weather-dependent connections to the mainland. In winter’s isolation we all learn to live without some things that others might consider necessities. These conditions have fostered a strength and resilience in people, and a sense of community that is often difficult to find. This is expressed in many ways: from the waves and greetings that you receive as you bike, walk, or drive around the Island to the helpfulness shown newcomers, Pelee Island is a safe and comfortable home and getaway for visitors of all kinds. The impressive reflection of this openness is seen beginning in May with the hosting of bird watchers and finishing in the fall during the Pheasant Hunts, when landowners and Islanders again open their homes and their land to the hunters. A 75-year-old tradition, the hunts are as much a part of the lives and tradition of hunters as they are for Islanders. During all seasons the Island can be expected to continue a long tradition of true community hospitality and generosity.

Many have come to Pelee Island looking for a getaway, only to find the attraction grow, some to the extent that they become 'anchored' here as new and treasured members of the community. We welcome you to join us on Pelee Island, for a day trip, a weekend, or a lifetime.

For information on the day-to-day operations of Pelee Island, the Grapevine newsletter can be purchased at a number of Island businesses, including the Co-op and the Township Office. Please contact to advertise or for more information.


Pelee Island Public School

Please visit the Pelee Island Public School website to learn more about the Island's unique learning environment .


Mary, Tom, and Nicole

Having worked and lived in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the U.S.A for the past twelve years, we have chosen to live on Pelee Island.

The reason we have chosen Canada is that it offers one of the highest standards of living in the world. Pelee Island in addition offers the freedom, safety, solitude, and tranquility of a small remote community, with one of the most moderate climates in Canada. In our time to date, Pelee Island has exceeded all of our expectations. The exceptional community support, unique schooling, proximity to nature and water, and above all the people make this a wonderful place to live.
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