Pelee Island is a very unique community with year round and seasonal residents from Canada, the United States and abroad.

Pelee Island is a single-tier municipality located in Essex County, with a year round population of approximately 300 that swells to nearly 1500 during the summer months.  Pelee is the largest Island of the Lake Erie Islands, covering 10,000 acres with a length of 19 km and width of 6 km; it takes approximately 4 hours to bike around the perimeter.

Pelee has many great features that make it a wonderful community to be a part of, such as many fundraising and community events that encourage and support the Island and it’s residents.

Please search through the community pages to find useful information on topics such as: Building Permits, Emergency Management, Parking Passes and much more.

For any questions or additional information on the listed information, please contact the Municipal Office: (519) 724-2931 .